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I'm Shaakira, a personal trainer based at Virgin Active Rosebank in Johannesburg.

I have a degree in Exercise Science and 13 years' experience in the health and fitness industry. What makes me unique is that I prioritise continuous education. I'm always learning and exposing myself to various aspects of fitness. My motto is simple:  “I am only as good as my last training session”. This mindset has pushed me to keep refining and improving my skills. I not only have a loyal group of local clients that’s been training with me for many years, but also an international client base that regularly trains with me while travelling on business in South Africa. 

So apart from the technical aspect, why should you choose Wellness with Shaakira when there are so many options out there? I understand that everybody is not passionate about exercise and the thought of just walking into a gym can be daunting for many. I get that!  My approach focuses on recognising that everyone is an individual and that a one-size-fits-all training programme won’t cut it. I create a space where exercise is challenging, but fun and where healthy, active living becomes a way of life. 

I offer all my new clients an initial consultation that focuses on the following aspects: 


  • Fitness goals 

  • Medical history 

  • Injuries

  • Previous exercise experience 

The consultation also includes a complimentary training session. I use the session to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, core stability and posture.


Get in touch with me today to start your journey to a better and stronger you!



Group sessions are amazing as you have the benefits of having a personal training experience that is  specific to your needs, but still has the support and vibe of training with a small group of like-minded people. Group sessions are amazing as they are fun and cost-effective.


Individual sessions are a great way to start your fitness journey if you have never trained before, have an injury that needs rehabilitation, or if you simply prefer one-on-one time with me.


Individual sessions: R400 per person

Couple sessions: R250 per person

Group sessions: R225 per person

Yoga pop up events



"When Shaakira invited me to join her yoga session, I was both excited and anxious. I have never participated in yoga before and with a weak spine, I was concerned that I may hurt myself. I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, some of the poses were challenging for me, but Shaakira was very conscious of my condition and made sure I was not injuring my back. In fact, my spine got a good and perhaps much-needed stretch. The breakfast was very yummy and the company even better. I highly recommend these events!"

Jacqui Freeman


"Shaakira demonstrates mastery, with expert knowledge and experience, she proficiently combines strength, cardio, core, stability and balance elements into highly individualised, high-intensity workout routines, tailored to my goals. She continuously incorporates thoughtful changes and creative variations to each session, adjusting to my fitness level and ensuring that I am always enthusiastic and committed to the challenging workouts and achieving my goals. Shaakira’s conscientious personality and approach to health and wellness are inspirational. I experience Shaakira as an excellent personal trainer! It’s a privilege and an honour to have Shaakira as my personal trainer and she is highly recommended!”

Angelin Maharaj


"Shaakira is a fantastic, amazing and understanding personal trainer. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her and have seen a marked improvement in my health and fitness. My wife who also trains with Shaakira describes her as patient and is grateful to have had Shaakira as her trainer while recovering from a serious illness."

Clifford & Melanie Meyersfeld.


"Shaakira is the best Personal Trainer anyone could ever ask for, as she's very insightful and knows how best to modify your workout to reach your desired goals. She has the ability to push you to your maximum capability whilst at the same time acknowledging your limits and making your workout fun. As an added bonus, she's a wonderful person with a heart of gold and has become a special friend - We are so greatful she came into our lives."

Kayleigh Shale and Brendan Nelson



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Tel: +27 73 657 8380


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